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As part of the Active School flag, we have an Active Week every year. This year, our week began on the 23rd of May.  We all had fun and we hope you enjoy our pictures of the week.


On Monday, some classes got a chance to have an extra P.E. lesson for our Active School Week.  We spent some time practicing for our Sports Day as well. We also received our Active Homework for the week. Our task was to complete 30 minutes of activity every evening. It was a welcome change from our normal homework!



Tuesday was our school sports day. We all went down to the local GAA pitch. We had loads of races including relay races, running races, egg and spoon and obstacle races. We also had races for the parents and for the teachers. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.  We really enjoyed our day. Thanks to all the helpers, parents and Sharon for organising a great day!


On Wednesday, all the classes took a chance to do something active themselves. Some class had extra P.E., while others spend time on active activities in the classroom. We also worked on our active homework today.


We had planned to have our Delgany Obstacle Relay Marathon (DORM) today but the weather was too wet so we postponed our marathon until Friday. We were disappointed but the classes had a chance to catch up on other active activities around the school.



Friday was a really busy day! We started out with an active assembly, led by 5th Class. They told us all about the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro during the summer. We then had a go at helping Joe out in his button factory for our active song. This was a big hit! Many children also came in wearing sports jerseys for our “Jersey Day”. There were jerseys of all colours and sports which was very colourful.  Well done everyone!

After assembly, we started our DORM. We were glad that we waited because the weather was great. Each class had a go on the obstacle course. Our aim was to run a marathon but when we worked it out, we ran way over this! We also want to say a big thank you to Harry for helping us out during DORM and over the active week.

At break and lunch time, we all had a go at the “Macarena”. Some of us weren’t too sure of the dance at first but, with a bit of practice, we soon got the hang of it!

We all had a great week.  Thanks to the Active Schools Committee and to everyone else who helped out to make the week fun and, most importantly, active!


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