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Dragons teach algebra to 1st Class

posted 18 Apr 2015, 07:29 by Gordon Elliott

If you've been in Miss Fair's classroom first thing on a Monday morning you may have wondered what the couple of kids poking at my tablet computer were doing. I've been introducing them to some of the basic principles of algebra through a game called DragonBox.

My goal is to smuggle a little learning in with a really fun activity. If they find algebra a tiny bit easier to understand when they next come across it then that would be a great result.

DragonBox in use
The game consists of a series of little puzzles which each take about half a minute to complete. The children spend about 5 minutes on the tablet before the first lesson. Each week 5 or 6 kids get a go. By the end of the year they should all have had three or four turns.

The puzzles revolve around feeding a cute but toothy baby dragon. The dragon is in a box on one side of the screen. There are other cards on both halves of the screen. When the box is by itself the dragon will come out and gobble up what's remaining on the other side of the screen.

There are simple rules about what you can do to get the box with the dragon by itself. These rules are really the rules of how to manipulate algebraic equations in disguise. For instance, to eliminate a card (positive value) you can drop its night-time (negative value) version on it.

There are typically ten or twelve puzzles of increasing complexity on each rule. There is an optimum way to complete each puzzle but other solutions are accepted and rewarded.

Neither I nor the school are endorsing their products but if you would like to know more, you might like to check out the producer's website:

- Gordon Elliott


Please remember!

posted 19 Mar 2014, 10:04 by Lorna Prole

Car Park

Many people seem to be ignoring the car park guidelines, especially at the 1:10 p.m. pick up. Please remember that parents may NEVER park across the emergency exit/bus lane and that no children or parents may use the Staff Only gate. Parents may not park length ways behind the staff cars or at the stop and drop. Parents may only park in available spaces in the inner car park.


Mobile phones must be kept switched off at all times while your child is on the school premises. Phones may only be turned on and off outside of the school building. Phones that cause disruption will be confiscated and may be reclaimed from the principal’s office. 

Please! Please! Please try to get to school on time! School opens at 8:30am daily. The time from 8:30-8:50 am is an important part of the school day. Homework is collected, reading is heard, work finished off, friends chatted to and a myriad of other things happen at this time. If your child arrives at 8:50 (or any later) they are late!!! Being late means they miss out on classwork and cause disruption when they are coming in. Children must be seated by 8:45 am at the very latest. Thank-you. 

There is a large quantity of lost property in the basket in the library. If you are missing leisure wear, hats , scarves, fleece jackets etc; please check lost property. PLEASE make sure that all your child’s belongings are clearly named.

May we remind infant parents that it is very important that we know who is collecting their child. Please let their class teacher or the office know of any change to the collection routine.

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