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Green School


Last year, with the help of our wonderful Green Schools Committee, Delgany N.S managed to achieve its 7th Green Flag for the work done on Global Citizenship Energy. This year the Green Schools office has been developing the eight theme in the programme, Global Citizenship – Marine Environment.

Delgany National School was lucky enough to be chosen as one of twelve schools across the country to participate in this new pilot programme. This theme will explore the marine environment as w whole and look at topics such as marine litter, climate change, pacific island nations and actions we can undertake to improve the marine environment.  We look forward to another exciting year. Keep up the fantastic work!

Walking Bus

We’ve been remembering our 'Walk on Wednesdays' especially this term because now we have three groups walking to school together from various locations.
There is a group walking from the Carraig Pub, another group walking from Delgany Wood and a group coming from 'The Delgany'. If you’d like to join but can’t walk with your children yourself, please ask a walking parent to take responsibility for them.
Walking together is a happy experience for everyone. Try it!

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