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About Us

Delgany National School is a co-educational school under Church of Ireland Management. There are just over two hundred pupils ranging in age from four to twelve years. There are twelve full time teachers and a number of part time specialist teachers.

The Patron of the school is the Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough. The school is administered by the Board of Management.

The Board of Management

Delgany National School is a Church of Ireland National School under the Patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough. The school is run at local level by a Board of Management. The life time of the Board is normally four years.
The Board is made up of 8 members:
  • 2 Patron‘s Representatives - normally the rector and one other nominated by the patron
  • 2 Teacher Representatives - the Principal and one other elected from the teaching staff
  • 2 Parents’ Representatives –one male and one female elected from the parent body
  • 2 community representatives, selected by the other six members of the board. These representatives may not be current parents in the school.
In the composition of the Board of Management, it is desirable to have persons with expertise in such areas as finance, legal, health and safety, building and maintenance, secretarial, etc,. This helps to form a well rounded Board of Management that will work together for the benefit of the school.

The Board delegates the day to day running of the school to the Principal, but oversees all activities within the school, including budgets, maintenance and development plans, policy formulation, admissions, extra-curricular activities, etc.
The current members of the Board are as follows:

  • Rev Nigel Waugh, Chairperson
  • Ms. Jenny Howe, Patron's Nominee
  • Mr. Paul Brady, Fathers' Nominee 
  • Ms Anita Kerr, Mothers' Nominee                                                         
  • Ms. Patricia Conran, School Principal 
  • Ms. Freda Owens,  Community Nominee
  • Mr. Mark Howard, Teachers’ Nominee
  • Mr. David Reynolds, Community Nominee

Christ Church Delgany and Delgany National School have always been at the heart of the village of Delgany which nestles between the mountains and the sea. It is undoubtedly one of the prettiest villages in Co. Wicklow. The increased population in the area has brought with it many developments in the surrounding areas in recent years, without taking from the charm and uniqueness of the village.

Church Links

The school maintains strong links with the parish. Pupils participate in church services such as Harvest Thanksgiving, Carol Service and also in Beginning and End of Term Services. Pupils also attend the Dioscesan Schools Service in Christ Church Cathedral at the beginning of the school year and also share in an Ecumenical Service with other schools in the locality during Lent.

Our School Crest

Our school crest was designed by one of our teachers. It consists of an owl and some trout. The owl has long been a symbol of wisdom and learning. The trout represent the Three Trout River that flows through Delgany.

Delgany National School Vision Statement

As part of the local and broader community, Delgany National School aspires to provide a positive, secure environment, which fosters independent, confident pupils who think responsibly and critically.

We aim to achieve this by providing opportunity for learning, interaction and development of life skills, while preserving standards in attainment, within a Christian setting.

Each child will be recognised, valued and helped to reach their full potential as self-reflective caring citizens.